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13 SEO Tips That Actually Work
13 SEO Tips That Actually Work

13 SEO Tips That Actually Work – seo tipps tricks und Details zu diesem Thema

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Tired of hearing the same SEO tips over and over? This tutorial shows 13 evergreen techniques that will help you rank on Google and get more traffic.
Google SEO is continuously evolving. With numerous algorithmic updates, things might seem confusing. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is that Google tries to serve the best search results to their users for any given query.
This video covers various on page techniques, keyword research tips, and off page tactics (link building) that you can use to grow your organic traffic via. search engine optimization.
Here is a summary of the SEO tips and tricks covered in this video:
1. Get more traffic from your existing pages by covering subtopics that Google wants to see.
With algorithm updates like Hummingbird and RankBrain, Google is smarter than ever.
People used to create new pages for every single keyword they wanted to rank for. They would go as far as paying thousands of dollars for exact match domains in an attempt to rank faster in Google.
Now, a single page can rank for thousands of keywords.
This tip will show you a twist to doing a content gap analysis to find sub topics that Google wants to see.
2. Reverse engineer Quora and other forums to find low competition keywords (plus a bonus traffic hack)
Since Quora and other forums are powered by user generated content, it’s unlikely that people are intentionally building links to these pages.
You’ll learn a powerful way to find low competition topics by analyzing forums.
Also, you’ll learn the ridiculously simple traffic hack that Sam used to generate over 48,000 visitors and 15,000 leads.
3. Convert images into links back to your page.
Using this tip, you’ll learn how to turn your images into high quality editorial backlinks.
4. Why you shouldn’t ignore broken link building (and how to do it fast).
Broken link building is a strategy for SEOs at all levels. You’ll learn a simple way to find tons of new broken pages that you can recreate from your own unique angle and get some easy backlinks.
Plus, you’ll learn some pro tips on making your campaigns more successful.
5. Strategically use case studies and stats in your articles
Using data in your articles is a great way to gain more backlinks. You’ll see hard proof of this and learn some ways to ‘hack’ data (when you don’t have access to it).
6. Avoid “Keyword Unicorns” and consider search intent first.
Using this simple keyword research tip, you’ll learn how to identify keywords you should avoid targeting and what to look for instead.
7. Add modifier keywords to your titles
Modifier keywords are add-on words to a base keyword. You’ll learn an easy way to use these for your eCommerce product pages and rank for some long tail keyword phrases.
8. Monitor your competitors’ links (then steal them)
Timing is critical when it comes to link building. You’ll learn how you can use real-time notifications to automate finding link prospects.
9. Find low competition keywords that NO keyword research tool can find
You’ll learn a very simple trick to find low competition keywords with high traffic.
10. Claim unlinked mentions
You’ll learn a very simple way to find websites that mention your company or brand, but don’t link to you. In fact, this technique will allow you to find these sites without ever having to visit the page to check.
11. Repurpose your Best Content
If you have a blog post that has done particularly well by gaining social shares, links, or comments, then it’s worth repurposing so you can reach larger audiences on different networks.
12. Grab links from Wikipedia and make sure they stick
Wikipedia is one of the world’s most visited websites. You’ll learn how you can strategically get traffic from Wikipedia and make sure that your links stick.
13. Optimize for featured snippets
Featured snippets have been appearing more often in many Google search results. You’ll learn a few optimization tips you can use to make your website appear in the featured boxes more often.
Here are some additional resources that you’ll find helpful:
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► How to Do Effective Keyword Research for SEO
► SEO For Beginners: Climb the Google Rankings
► How to Find and Steal Google Featured Snippets
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13 SEO Tips That Actually Work
13 SEO Tips That Actually Work

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